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Gas Log Fireplaces

Have you always wanted a fireplace, but aren’t excited about the mess and hassle of starting a fire? Perhaps you love the idea of a fireplace, but don’t have access to firewood or just don’t want to bother with it. A gas log fireplace is the perfect alternative. Providing the same warmth and attractiveness as a regular wood fireplace, a gas log fireplace is a wonderful, appealing feature to add to your home. However, these appliances require professional installations and maintenance to ensure they are operating safely within your home. For all of your gas log fireplace services, from installation to servicing and repairs, contact Fireplace Specialists.

At Fireplace Specialists, we have years of experience dealing with gas logs. As experts in the industry, our technical knowledge surrounding chimneys and gas log stove installations and servicing is invaluable for maintaining the safety of your property when dealing with these features.

If you’re interested in a new installation of a gas log, we’ll need to use an existing chimney or create one for you. This is essential to ensure that harmful fumes, excess heat and moisture are drawn out of your home. Before installing, we’ll check your existing chimney if you have one to ensure that it is in good condition. Should any modifications be necessary, you can count on the experts at Fireplace Specialists to help. Once this step has been completed, we’ll proceed to complete your gas log fireplace installation and test that all systems are working.

Once your gas log fireplace is up and running, ensure that you have us service it routinely to avoid any potentially dangerous situations.

In addition to our knowledge and expertise in the area, our staff are reliable and responsible. We show up to appointments on time and clean up after ourselves. Our friendly technicians are happy to explain the functions of your new gas log and tell you how to care for it.

Contact Fireplace Specialists about your gas log fireplace services today!