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Why Choose Us?

Warm, charming and comforting – fireplaces are the perfect way to create a cozy space on a cold day. Ensure that your fireplace is always beautiful and functioning in top conditions by maintaining your chimney and fireplace with all of the necessary services. Or, install your first fireplace or gas log and begin to enjoy the many benefits and joys of this enticing feature in your home. For the best in fireplace services, look no farther than Fireplace Specialists.

Proudly serving Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and the surrounding areas, Fireplace Specialists provides quality services in fireplace maintenance and installation. Our years of experience in the area and commitment to providing the highest quality customer service positions us as the leading fireplace services company in the region. 

Fireplace Service in Oklahoma City

Don’t wait for a dangerous problem to develop such as debris or a birds nest in your chimney when seeking maintenance services. Regular chimney cleaning and fireplace services will help prevent potentially dangerous situations and house fires that can severely damage your property. With Fireplace Specialists, you can ensure the safety of your home by keeping your chimney and fireplace properly cleaned and maintained. Our specialists are skilled at noticing any damage that may affect the safety of your fireplace and finding solutions to keep your fireplace functioning properly.

If you’re looking to install a completely new fireplace, or prefer a gas log fireplace, we’re the experts you should call on. With something as technical and dangerous as fire, don’t rely on amateurs or do it yourself advice. At Fireplace Specialists, we are a team of professionals providing top notch services that will truly provide you with excellent results. Not only will your newly installed fireplace or gas log function properly, it will look great as well.

Our expertise in the area of fireplaces and gas logs will give you the peace of mind that your chimney and fireplace will be properly installed, maintained and taken care of to avoid any unnecessary accidents or damage. For excellence in chimney services, call Fireplace Specialists today!